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耀華中文學校是位於悉尼南區一所非牟利的教育團體,每學期逢星期六上午於 Riverwood 的 Hannans Road Public School 上課。本校由紐修威省教育及培訓部撥款資助,並為紐省民族語言學校聯會和中文教育理事會會員。本校矢志把中國語文和文化傳揚給下一代,讓華人子弟能夠在澳洲學習中國傳統的語言、文字和文化。耀華中文學校的宗旨是提供全人教育,推崇:堅毅力行、誠信和仁愛的精神。全校學生人數約180,共分十級不同程度的中文班,以粵語及正體字授課。另班數學班,只接受本校學生報讀。

Yiu Wah Chinese School Inc. is a non-profit educational organisation situated in southern Sydney. Classes are held every Saturday morning during school terms in Hannans Road Public School, Riverwood. The school is funded by the NSW Department of Education and Training, and is a member of the NSW Federation of Community Language Teaching and the Chinese Language Education Council of NSW. We aim to promote traditional Chinese language and culture to the next generation in Australia. We are dedicated to offering a holistic education to our students. There are about 180 students within 12 classes teaching different levels of Cantonese and traditional Chinese writing. There are also 10 mathematics classes for Yiu Wah students only.